Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Does the Couple Behind Catavino Even Know Where Spain Is?

"What do you mean Iberia? Isn't that in Russia somewhere?"

So asked a confused Ryan Opaz, co-founder of the supposed Iberian wine blog,, in an interview with Wine Specator's Shady McWinesnob when asked how it felt to be the English-language wine blog covering the wines of Spain.

It seems to this reporter that they may be covering Spain, but they have no f*cking idea where it is.

Mr. Opaz's wife, and fellow faker, Gabriella, also stated in the interview that Madrid was in Southern California and that Seville is a famous barbershop. She didn't know where the shop was however.

In the aftermath of this sure-to-be devastating interview, rumors Internet swirled like a glass of Vino Verhde that the Opazes have never actually been to Spain -- let alone lived there -- and that they may not even be able to point it out on a map of Europe.

Rumblings that the photographs from Catavino's recent "trip to Rioja" are merely authentic photographs that they 'borrowed' from fellow Flickr fans pose a further theat to any credibility the site has.

I guess Chateau Petrogasm isn't the only blog willing to blatantly steal photos on the Web and make them its own.

Repeated emails sent to thse Spanish Opaz-sters have been ignored. Is that an admission of guilt?

Perhaps they are sitting on their rooftop deck -- in Florida -- drinking Scuppernog?


gopaz said...

First off, Señor Over Extracted, you clearly have no idea that the plural of Opaz is Opai! Second, just because we're a little directionally, emotionally and linguistically challenged doesn't mean that we don't know where Spain is. Clearly we know this because we live here, and we're forced to speak Mexican everyday! En fin!

Anonymous said...

They too do know where Spain is located. I personally showed them its location on a map when I visited their home in New Jersey.

Hollis said...