Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Opus One Winecellar Plagued by Beavers

Late last night it was revealed that the famous California estate Opus One, has publicly acknowledged an infestation of beavers in their barrel room. "We never knew that beavers enjoyed wine so much, " stated assistant wine maker Mai Whynesoverpriced, "It wasn't until we noticed the large teeth marks in some of the barrels that we thought to investigate."

Evidently, beavers are big fans of wine, and as naturalist, Ranger Rick, can attest to, "They are a son of a bitch to get rid of. Once they begin setting up their dams, it takes either a lot of dynamite, or a long wait till they are gone."

Currently, Opus One's barrel room is closed to visitors, while winery officials decide on a plan of attack. Yet, wineries are remaining vigilant, as they begin to safeguard against beavers entering their own cellars. "I guess the California wine lake, or in this case, beaver pond, could move from metaphor to reality. We really need to be on top of this while it is isolated to one winery," quoted by wine maker Paul Draper of Ridge Winery.

Wine-ing 2.0 will keep you up to date on any further developments as they develop.


Anonymous said...

Was this supposed to be funny? If so, it failed.

Anonymous said...

its really so nice its good things ,, thanks

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