Thursday, April 3, 2008

Robert Parker Moves Reviews to Twitter

In a surprising turn of events Robert Parker, head of the infamous Wine Advocate has opted to move all his reviews from this day forward to the popular micro blogging tool, Twitter. "I'm sick of the publishing costs, "says Mr. Parker, "We've just heard that a demand for the manila envelope colored paper we like to use is going to rise, and we don't want to get stuck with having to resort to white." Many in the wine world take this as a sign that old media is turning to embrace new media, but when asked Bob the Wine Guy stated, "Naw, it's more because of all the whining that happens over at eRobertParker on the forum, you see most of the dinosaurs in there will never fully understand this Twitter thing, and after I move to Twitter, I won't have to listen to the whining any more." When asked if he understood Twitter, Bob I likey de Wine Parker said with emphasis, "No, but really how hard can it be. It will also help me to refine my tasting notes, and use less of the fluff that I've become known for."

We here at Wine-ing 2.0 are for one happy to hear about this.... well...truthfully.... GODDAMN you PARKER!!! Who do you think you are. We find something that we can control and now you want a piece? Well F*&#! off, this is our turf, and we don't roll like that. Old media can kiss our a**! The Twit to the Blog to the OWC...this is for the New Media, and we tough like that...So go back to your ink well and quill and leave us to the fancy l33t speak.

Reporting for Wine-ing 2.0, this is Over Oaked(Yeah I know the name implies it, but I'm NOT Parkers Bitch!), until next time....and remember Wine Bloggers are losers, but at least we're not old media.


Sasha said...

that photo of him is totally frat-boy-at-the-party-style. lolz

Anonymous said...

thanks for share with us ,,

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