Sunday, April 6, 2008

Female Bloggers Bare Breasts in Protest

Miami, Florida - A group of female wine bloggers are making waves by announcing their intent to go topless on Tuesday, April 8th to protest against what they call "gender-biased blogging".

"About 40 women have joined the network to stage a topless protest," said Naked Sommelier, one of the founders of the Female Bloggers Alliance.

"For centuries, women have been ostracized, oppressed and played second fiddle to men, but through our female solidarity, we have bound together to show our unity, our passion for equality and our human right to be seen and heard," espoused Naked Sommelier, fist raised high while standing on a computer chair in her Upper Eastside Miami home. "Tomorrow, we will bare our chests in defiance for one full day while we blog!"

For over a year now, female bloggers have been asking for equal representation, feeling as if men are consciously not including them in forums, chat rooms, blog rolls and awards. As a result, Carol B, the cofounder of the Female Blogger Alliance, has decided to join women together in protest by blogging topless on April 8th.

"I was one of about 400 women in 1968 from the New York Radical Women that were involved in a demonstration at the Atlantic City Convention Hall. I was there when a Freedom Trash Can was placed on the ground, and filled with bras, high-heeled shoes, false eyelashes, girdles, curlers, corsets, and other items thought to be 'instruments of torture'. Tomorrow, we will do the same again. We will throw off our bra in protest against misogyny! Against inequality! Against male oppression!" spoken from Dr. Debs by video conference yesterday, alongside Smells Like Grape, Gabriella from Catavino, Carol B from Pure Sugar, Sandy from Celebrate Wine and Alice from Veritas en Vino.

Although this reporter supports gender equality, I can't help but point out the obvious flaw in this incredibly passionate plan: who's going to see these gals? Correct me if I'm wrong here, which I never am, but isn't blogging typically carried out in a small office with the shades drawn and doors shut? I mean, come on darlin', if you really wanted to get some attention, why not blog topless with your laptops out in a park? Wear your birthday suit while twittering in front of the Sears Tower! Just get out of your house and put some color on that pale blogger buttocks of yours!

I digress, if you'd like to support the female blogger effort, feel free to leave a comment below telling us where you'll be baring your chest to stick it to the man!


Carol B said...

Um... maybe you should have linked to my wine blog? I mean, I'm only going to be blogging topless when I am ranting about how overprice LI wines are!

Anonymous said...

Honey, any woman willing to bare their rake today, deserves a little link-y love! And Carol darlin', do us all a favor a put up a camera for us too to prove how sincere you are about your efforts!It really puts credibility behind your chutzpah!

Anonymous said...

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