Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wine Blog Wednesday Goes Corporate

In a move to expand his ever growing empire New York King, Lenn Thompson of the all caps, LENNDEVOURS, has sold out. Starting with WBW#44, the ever popular wine blogging meme will see corporate sales tied to the event. Host Gary "I'll say anything to sell my wine" Vay-ner-chuck will be hosting this month with the theme, "French Cabernet Franc". "We noticed that the Chinon shelf was seeing a drop in sales so we figured what the hell, let's open up some of this sh**" stated Gary "thunder" Vaynerchuck, "I mean someone somewhere likes this, so I figured, why not yell about it for a half hour and see if sales increase."

Reports have it that in exchange for this blantant sell out, LENNDEVOURS will be aquiring surplus cases of Long Island wines that Gary has given up on trying to sell. "No one want's this industrial waste anyways," stated Gary the VEE-ner-chuck.

Future Wine Blog Wednesday themes aimed to bring in a buck include:

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