Thursday, April 10, 2008

LENNDEVOURS' Thompson Declares: New York Wines SUCK

"I'm only doing this because I have nothing better to do," stated Lenn Thompson of the mildly interesting wine blog LENNDEVOURS. Turns out Lenn a resident of New York state, only writes about these wines, because they are there. "Most of what I taste is low grade jet fuel, but since most people will never see them on their store shelves, I can say what I want."

Most nights Lenn admits he prefers drinking a beer or two before hitting the sack, which has led him to consider blogging about beer instead, "But you see beer is just not snobby enough, and I prefer to think of myself as better than everyone else, Wine allows me to do that." In other surprising news, Lenn has admitted that all of his guest contributors, are just facets of his at times twisted array of multiple personalities. "I know I have a problem, but I like to turn the lemons to lemonade, hence I use my various identities to explore blogging from different angles"

When asking his wife Nena about this she stated "I never know who is going to come home from work at night, but I do know I better have some cold beer waiting for who ever it is"

No one know's what the future will hold for the all-caps endevour of Lenn's, only time will tell. Who knows maybe New York wine will improve and there will be something to write about for real.

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