Monday, April 7, 2008

Male Bloggers Support Female Bloggers' Right to Bare Chests (and Turn Web Cams On)

Earlier today, that un-toned blog-bashing bitch, known to the losers in the wine blogging community only as Flabby Chard, reported that female bloggers are exposing some sort of inequity by exposing their tatas.

As pathetic and unecessary as this whole boob-baring bimo of a project may be, the male blogging community has shouted a Mountain Dew-drench cry from their Dungeons and Dragons-decorated cubicles in support of these girls, which in many cases are the only females these blogger dorks talk to.

Flabby, or as I like to call her Tubby McGreasy, did miss one important factor in this event when she asked her readers (who are really only reading this for MY commentary afterall):

"Who's going to see these gals? Correct me if I'm wrong here, which I never am, but isn't blogging typically carried out in a small office with the shades drawn and doors shut?"

Um, ever heard of a webcam, Flabaliscious? You know that each and every one of these shut-in female bloggers has a webcam. That's how they "date" these days. They do their makeup and hair, pour a glass of wine for themselves and have virtudates with these never-kissed-a-girl male bloggers, who have decidedly not done their hair...or weeks.

Here's to you, female bloggers. Fight for your right to be recognized for your boobs, I mean blogs. And for the love of god, turn on your web cams. You've got them. Flaunt them, right? We're right behind you. Or is it in front of you? It doens't matter.

And virgin losers, if you miss the show, I'm sure these fame-starved floozies will post their videos up on YouTube in no time.

So Dr. Debs, do you have anything to "teach" us tomorrow? Strumerika, gonna show us the family goblets? And we all hope that Jill bares her domaine for all the world to see. I'd mention Sonodora, but she might be underage. No one is really sure.

As they used to say at the college parties after a half keg of shitty beer and a garbage can filled with grain punch "Show us your t*ts!"

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