Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pinot Blogger admits hatred for Pinot Noir

"I just got swept in 'Sideways' fever," admits Josh Hermsmeyer of the popular blog Pinotblogger. Turns out Josh doesn't really like this mainstay of the French wine region of Burgundy. "I wish I did, I really do, but in truth given my druthers, I rather sip on a bottle of Manischevitz Concord, a wine I really can get into," continues Mr. Hermsmeyer. Turns out many wine makers were swept up in Sideways fever, a movie that created a furor for the grape Pinot Noir. Likewise the movie also spawned a hatred for the much maligned grape Merlot. Asked what he might do now that he seems stuck with vines of Pinot Noir Mr. Hermsmeyer replied, "Well, I guess I need to see if I can make something drinkable from it. Really it's pretty weak as a wine grape in my opinion." Rumors have it that Josh has toyed with fortifying his wine to produce a sweet dessert offering, or possibly selling it off in bulk and buying his beloved Concord from third party grape growers. the domain, for now, is doomed to be written by a non-believer. It's believed that Mr. Hermsmeyer has offered the domain for sale, but so far there are no takers.


Josh said...

Oh Snap! I've been outed.

Anonymous said...

its really intresting ,,, thanks ,,

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