Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Wine-ing 2.0 Comes clean - The truth behind the authors

Finally due to outside pressure the authors of Wine-ing 2.0 have decided to fess up as it were. They've realized now the damage that they are inflicting upon the once calm Wine Blogging landscape. Blogger turning against blogger, friend against friend, it's so sad.

Well actually it isn't. We're loving it, we love the dialog and debate, the back and forth, and the waste of blogging columns, twitter feeds, and IM bandwidth that has been realized since the start. We hope that this continues, and helps to further clog the tubes of this here internet. Try writing something interesting and maybe we won't have to continue to wound you and your delicate ego's. Give me a tasting note with balls, yes, balls.

Here at Wine-ing 2.0 we strive for the absurd, and we hope we've hit our mark. We do want to warn you though that this is just the start. We're still in our warm up sweats, and we have yet to line up for the main event. If you think you've been let off easy, well stay tuned. We will bring down wine blogging as we know it. The internet will bend to our will, wine blogging will OBEY!!!!

So go now, and taste another wine for your precious WBW, and tell us something we don't know. By the way, there are 3 of us. One will continue covering gossip, one breaking news and analysis, and well we have one asshole, who really just can't be nice at all. So there...get ready, get set, let's go!


Anonymous said...

If you love writing with bawls, I'm surprised that you have not written about The wine Spies yet. Go ahead, skewer them, too. I think they can take it.

Arthur said...

It seems as though Wine-ing 2.0 is gearing up to become the tmz.com of the wine blogging world.

Sasha said...

zomg i've been OBEYing since 1947! keep up the good works! xoxoxoxoxoxxo

Anonymous said...

thanks wonder full things with nice post ,, thanks ..

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