Sunday, March 30, 2008

El Jefe of Twitsted Oak Winery Caught Choking Chicken

Reports are starting to come in that noted wine maker and wine rack aficionado is being accused of choking a chicken at his Twisted Oak estate. Early reports suggest that there may have been more than one chicken involved though that remains yet to be confirmed. Known for his love of rubber fowl, this accusation of live chicken torture is somewhat disturbing. Some close to the Twisted Oak Winery, where el Jefe is in charge of the main twitter feed and el Bloggo Torcido, suggest that it started out when el Jefe became frustrated with the lack of good wine racks in the area. "He does have a lot of wine, and is always looking for better racking to have on hand in the case of emergencies" said rubber chicken packer Ivanna Nujob.

Wine-ing 2.0 will keep you up todate with all the latest news as it develops in this truly bizarre turn of events. Calaveras County may never be the same again.

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