Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wine Injuries: Vinography's Alder Yarrow Sprains Tongue at Rhone Rangers 2008

Alder Yarrow, superstart wine blogger, publisher of and all-round good guy, sustained a third-degree sprain of his Styloglossus muscle while tasting his 3,467th wine at Rhone Rangers 2008 over the weekend. The Styloglossus is a major muscle within the tongue.

Yarrow, known for his ability to taste thousands of upon thousands of wines withing a 30-minute period and rate each on a 10-point scale, is recovering at his San Francisco home. The California wine community was stunned when Yarrow first sustained the injury. Rumors swirled that he'd be forced to taste more slowly or -- heaven forbid -- skip a large-scale wine tasting event, but he is now expected to fight -- and taste -- through the injury, much to the chagrin of his doctor, Dr. Tungs R. Soare.

When we contacted Yarrow for comment, he said -- through his publicist -- that "I'm resting and tasting comfortably right now, drinking water and Napa cab. The cab's over-the-top fruit and lack of acid seem to help, despite the agressive tannins."


alderyarrow said...

Just a flesh wound! Just a flesh wound!

Anonymous said...

thanks for this information thanks ,,

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