Monday, March 31, 2008

Dr. Vino: He's NOT a doctor and he doesn't like wine.

On Saturday night, a pathetic scene unfolded at Manhattan wine bar Il Truli as Tyler Colman, the pathetic poser behind the wine blog, was dining alone when a nearby bar customer slumped from his stool, the apparent victim of a minor heart attack.

One would think that Colman, being a 'doctor' and all, was at the right place at the right time for this poor gentleman. One would be wrong.

Instead of rushing to the man's aid, Colman -- according to our sources -- simply squealed "Oh my gosh, is there a doctor? Call a doctor!" as he fumbled with his mobile phone.

It turns out that Colman isn't a doctor at all, having never set foot inside a medical school (not even one in the Bahamas). He isn't even a man-nurse or even an EMT. No he only has a PhD in Late Night Television Studies from the University of Northern South Missouri State A&M.

Even more disturbing to the wine blogging community is that Colman was caught sipping a Birra Moretti, an Italian-made beer, rather than his supposed favorite beverage -- wine.

That's right folks. Dr. Vino isn't a wine-loving doctor. He just plays one on the Internet.

It is just this sort of deception that will hold wine blogging back. Glossy wine magazines like Wine Spectator are much more trustworthy. Keep buying them and buying only the wines they rate highly. Clearly wine bloggers cannot be trusted.

The restaurant patron was rushed to a nearby hospital and is recovering nicely. We wish we could say the same for Colman's 'reputation.'

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