Monday, December 22, 2008

Vintank - Starting in the tanks with hopes of drinking their way out of it

Recently unemployed wine "mover/shaker" Paul Mabray and wine blogger wrangler Joel Vincent (aka Time Waster) have joined forces along with some tech/designs guys to create a new company, Vintank.

The new vinture's name reflects their desire to start at the bottom and drink their way up. To quote Mabray,
"Hey we rather start in the tank than one day finding that the company has tanked, though we won't rule that out"

The company claims to be in business to help tech companies deal with the wine industry. Projects will include such things as teaching Apple employees to not focus on the vintage of the wine they choose to drink when listening to Steve Job's rants about new phone ideas, but rather the price point as the economy wavers.

While at other times they'll work with wineries to use the internet more effectively, helping to generate award winning ideas such as rubberized fowl, and more crap ass winery blogs.

Here's to being in the tank. And being tanked.


Anonymous said...

Everyone in the wine industry knows that recently-FIRED Paul Mabray is a jackass know-nothing that spews fluff - rather than substance. Thanks for the humorous (yet truth-filled) write-up.

Paul Mabray said...

I like spewing fluff - it goes good with coffee and donuts. Thanks for reminding me of the pairing oh brave and totally irrelevant "anonymous." Once again it is a privilege to be Wine'd - it means we are significant enough to be satirized in this wackiness known as the wine industry (and without question we deserve a few stones on occasion). We are getting tanked right now thinking of apple wine.

Paul Mabray
Chief Strategy Officer

Anonymous said...

Yeah man, Mabray is such a douche-nozzle! Its so easy to raise $16M in VC money for a startup in the luxury goods area. What a loser. Entrepreneurs always spend decades with the same company they founded. What a dumb-ass.


Time Waster

Anonymous said...

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